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Can bigger diameter wheels and tires be used to achieve 2 inch lift on an 86 110 csw?

I would like to put on tires with a wide foot print, can rims be got with them more to the outside of the arches to widen the track. Will the 2.5 na be able to cope with this set up? Or do I run the risk of broken half shafts? Even if the 2.5 na can manage.

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Depends what is on there - most white 8 spoke or modular wheels are a much bigger offset than the standard LR rims so will stick out further.

As for a 2 inch lift - if you have 7.50R16 on there at the moment they will be about 32" tall so you would need 36" tyres to achieve a 2 inch lift - even 35" (much more common) would mean you could probably forget about 5th gear on road if it was a NA engine, before you start worrying about taking it off road and breaking stuff. How bad it will be on-road does depend on which ratio transfer box is fitted though.

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I am running 235/85/16 now, I thought taller tires would lift the whole vehicle plus if I could get a wider tread it would help in muddy conditions. What would be the widest and tallest 16 tire out there. What rim size and off set would I need for it . I already have 6.5 8 spokes x 5.

So do 35" tires come in 16" or 15" diameter.

I am not too worried about top speed but would want to keep as near 65/70 mph. I believe I standard running gear for a 1986 110csw na and do not want to muck about with it.

Maybe it would be best to just go for 265/75/16 and stick them on a set of 6.5 8 spokes and use the winch to drag her out of any holes. I suppose holes were made to get stuck in any way??????????????

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