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Oil seals, in or out?


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Les's thread about the swivel housing with no lubricant made me think. My 110 has grease filled swivel housings and my 90 has oil filled ones. My preference is for oil filled swivels and I may convert the 110 in due course (read; when I have to take it apart! :) ). I was wondering though, after PeterGG made the point about getting oil transference from the diff to the swivels, does it matter if the diff and swivels share the same oil? Ignoring your own feelings about oil vs. grease, would it make any real practical difference? I would also plan to remove the oil seals to allow oil onto the wheel bearings, would that be OK too? Older LRs did.

My balls (Ooohh!) are Teflon coated, might this cause oil to leak more readily than older chrome plated ones? I cannot see any reason why...



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I popped my seals out ages ago The main reason is to get the wheel bearings swimming in luverly oil ,

I used to go through 2 or 3sets of wheel bearings a year , Took out the seals and get a whole year out of a set now .

I had a bit of a scare a while back , I fitted ashcroft cv`s which come packed with black cv grease , I topped up the swivels with ep140 and the same for the diff , I checked the diff oil level some weeks later to find the oil was a silver colour , With the suspision something wasnt right inside I stripped everything out , washed it all off and checked it , The diff was fine as were the cv` s I then realised the cv grease had migrated into the oil causing it to go silvery .

Not realy a problem but it looked bad at first .

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