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Range Rover Classic (Flooding)


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Hello folks... i was wondering if anyone could help with a problem i have...

I bought an old Range Rover a few months back, was a decent looking and running motor when i bought it. I only planned on using it for towing other cars around as i do alot of this. She was running fine when i first got her (apart from using a ridiculous amount of fuel), but after leaving her standing for a few weeks, she decided not to start and ended up flooding.

The vehicle is a 1989 Range Rover Vogue, 3.5 litre V8 petrol...

I took the plugs out, cleaned them and left them over night. On returning to her in the morning... i replaced the plugs etc etc.... and she started first time.

I left her running for a while to clear any excess, but once i put her into drive... pfftt

she cut out and wouldnt start again... once again the plugs were soaked and she was stinking of fuel...

there is a decent spark... but i am putting new coil, plugs and leads on (as i got them for free)

Also considered checking the coolant temp sensor...

I am not very clued up on these vehicles if honest... and am a diesel fitter... but aint bad with petrols...

if anyone can help me with this id appreciate any comments...

cheers for your time folks



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Coolant temperature sensor is cheap and not too stressful to replace, apart form that the airflow meter could be dodgy, I'd advise trying to borrow a known good one. There is an EFI fault finding manual in the tech archive (there's one for flapper and one for hotwire type systems) the best thing is to work though that methodically.

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If u have difficult starting and when u get the engine started there's a lot of black smoke from the exhaust then suspect the ECU is failing, the engine will also to stall sometimes as well when hot, a bit inconvenient with an auto.

The ECU was the problem on my RR I also changed the coolent temp sensor as I thought that was faulty, it wasn't.

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I had the same symptoms recently. Very annoying! My mechanics discovered (after some fairly impressive testing diagnostics were completed) that the MAF was at fault. Cost new £720.00. Once I came round from fainting I decided to buy one online for £59.00 + p&p. I reckon it’s a refurb or aftermarket item but at that price I’ve go to try it! I suggest your symptoms are very similar to mine and that may be what’s at fault.

items that were checked ok: coil, plugs, leads, stepper motor, tps, ecu, coolant temp thermistor, fuel pressure regulator - hence air flow meter at fault

1990 vogue se auto on lpg

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Thankyou all for your ideas, i have managed to get the vehicle running but it is still tempremental... i am going to try a few of the suggestions made (starting with the cheapest).. the car isnt my daily drive so not in to much of a rush to sort it out but it does get used...

anyway thankyou all for your help...


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Fuel Injection Fault Finding Manual:

Using little more than a multimeter, you can check and verify most parts of the 14CUX system. My money is on the coolant/fuel temp sensor.

If its a cold wet day, you might *just* have a dizzycap/rotor arm problem. Mine did this for 2 weeks and even exploded my exhaust (literally - its a gas conversion) until out of desperation I simply swapped out the cap and rotor arm.

If she's got Lambdas (look on the exhaust downpipes for a stub with 3 wires coming out of it, then they can cause excessive fuel consumption and problematic restarts. And make it idle like a sack of something!.

MAF is fairly easy to check basic operation, actual calibration is another matter.

I'll dig out the PDF I have of the diagnostic manual,



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