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Diff Lock configuration


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I am investing in a pair of ARB lockers for the Discovery.

Is there a preferred configuration for ARB's when in use? ie. When you flip the switch should both come on together, only the rear, only the front or should they be switched to be turned on individually as and when each one is required?

Any other tips appriciated before I shell out my wad.


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From what I understand, the switch configuration should be that the front can only be operated if the rear is also operated.

There are some who set up their system so that either ARB can be operated independantly, but I think this setup should only be done by people who understand how much damage they can do to the truck!

I'm sure others will be on to either re-inforce what I've said or to ridicule it!! :D

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You certainly wouldn't want them to only come on both together. There are times you only want the rear locked, ie if you need to maintain any form of turning ability.

As said above standard wiring is front can only be locked if rear is already locked. Either go for that as it would cover 99% of situations or wire them independantly and have total control.

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Time to write a piece then Pete

Although I was only referring to the ARB article not that the Tech archive is the all knowing Oracle :)

Had to convert the 404 lever lockers to the ARB air ram switches as there was getting way too many levers in the cab :huh:

Now with the front & rear wheel drive being selectable its getting even more complicated .

But with a front line lock & front wheel drive unlocked the turning circle should be interesting :D

Just fitted a new gismo o the truck :D Loaded a pc version of an Offroad racer game into the Tablet ,got a joystick bingo something to do between sections .Wonder if it could be linked to memory map 3d <_<

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