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Second Battery in RRC


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I want to fit a second battery to my RRC.

Can anyone suggest where to reposition the air filter, PAS reservoir etc to please?

What have other people done to get around this?

Taking off the "trumpet" will not give me sufficient clearance, and I do not want to use K&N filters.

Vehicle is a 3.5 Efi flapper system.

PS does the flapper need to be mounted in the original orientation, or can it be turned more across the vehicle?


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Cheers for that.

Managed to blag a Disco bracket this morning, so will have a look this evening to see if it will do the job.

Talking to the bloke I got the bracket from, he reckoned that you can cut the trumpet off the end of the air filter and weld the cone directly back on to the endplate to shorten it.

Think if I do this and twist the filter to point more at the wing, this might do the trick.

Will let you know.

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I just cut the trumpet off almost flush.

I moved the PAS reservoir to a bracket I fabricated (i.e. bent up out of some scrap with a mallet) that bolts to the radiator mount.

If you have headlamp washers you will also need to move the pump. I just cable tied it to the other side of the gusset plate to the rear of the battery box.

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Tried the bracket this evening, and will do the job nicely, so is just the air filter to sort now.

Bish Bosh

Cheers for that info. Ill pick up a battery so I know how much space I need.

Got the flange welded to the front cross member to accept the winch mounting plate, so a nice productive day welding today. :D

Tomorrow's job is to finish the mount, and get the winch in situ, and cut out the standard bumper to accept the fairlead.

Will post pics when finished

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Spoke too soon.

The disco mount does not give sufficient room for the battery.

Ended up modifying the original, and adding some steel strip to move it further aft in the engine bay, so that it just clears the alternator. Trying that for now, but think I will have to add further bracing.

I cut the trumpet off the air filter as suggested, and welded the end directly on to the cover, but still had to twist the filter further towards the wing.

The vacuum reservoir that was bolted to the base of the tray has been removed as it hasn't been connected for years. Think it was to do with the recirc flap for the heater.

X Charge fitted :D

Remote power isolation solenoid fitted in place of key type. - controlled by Carling switch! :lol:

Had to get one in there somehow. :P Now going to use a second Carling for internal winch control.

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That looks like a very smart little set-up and I wouldn't want to dampen the flames on your bonfire, but won't the winch rope/wire foul the number plate /bumper cut-out when the rope is at an angle higher than horizontal??

Out of interest... Where did you mount the split charge?



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Bu**er where did the rain come from?

Me fire's gone out.

Point taken about the lead and the bumper. It doesn't look like it from the picture, but there is nearly 45 degrees above the fairlead. The side to side is less, but this isn't a challenge truck, and of course we ALWAYS use straight pulls to the drum don't we? ;) . he he he.

Working on getting the battery clamp sorted this w/e.

Got the internal switches for the isolation and winch controls connected and working.

Just love those Carling switches :wub: Look very pretty at night, despite my hand drawn winch and arrows.

Thanks to Mud fun for those.

Split charge is below the air filter on the inner wing.

Solenoid for winch isolation is mounted on the front panel above the headlamp.

It is a V8 so shouldn't get wet there! :D

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While we're putting fires out - I'm no expert on the melting temperatures of electrical cable, but isn't running the power cable over the top of the rad tempting fate??

Sounds like I'm really picking fault, but knowing what size spark will come out of the cable when the bare wire hits metal, I wouldn't take the chance...

Agai, nice little set-up, just a couple of niggly little bits that I would be worried about. But, as I said, I'M NO EXPERT ON ELECTRICS....*

* it's taken a while, but I think that's the understatement of the year!!!

Edited cos I can't splel!!!

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Appreciate what you said, but was trying to get away from more cable penetrations and gromits, as would have had to go in front of the rad, and then there is the problem of securing it.

At least where it is I can see what is happening to it!

I must admit to not having given that must consideration.

I'm glad Bish bosh was along with an " in service" comment!

Cheers lads

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