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New Land Rover


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Hi All

After the disasterous TD5 90 experience not put off I am venturing again into the Land Rover world.

New vehicle for Er Indoors sorry Dear Lady Wife ( who is as nutty about Land Rovers as I was errr am!) a 2003 Freelander Kalahari, okay so this is going to be the new "play" vehicle and we have plans to do a bit of tinkering here tee hee.

JE Engoineering or Jeremy Fearn are topping the list of possibles at the moment................Any advices gratefully received. Will be fitting off road kit snorkel etc... as starters and then looking at performance, lift, tyres and then just normal totally unecessary bits n bobs...

Yep and I have been blessed with a budget for a new car and the new Freelander 2 has won the criteria and requirements checklists. 5 doors comfy 4x4 cross field ability all weathers, etc, etc... Decided on XS spec with a couple of extras... So any help on quickly installed and removed peformance chips that do not leave an "imprint" in the onboard computer etc...

So I do get to play a little so long as it remains in warranty. Any cosmetic asserories are okay that can be removed etc...

Speak to all soon



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Thanks LR90 and Yes Jim we had thught about that and it is an option.

I am going to see JE in the UK next week so I will keep you updated.

I intend to do a photo diary as well so I will send the link as and when.

Iam driving the TD4 from Spain next week so hopefully no gremlins will appear.

Hasta Luego Amigos

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