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200tdi temp sender


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Are the temp gauge sender units in the 200tdi different for the disco and RRC?

i fitted a 200tdi into my RRC (replacing the 2.5VM) and the only thing that aint working is the temp gauge, it works fine when earthed out though and the temp gauge worked when the engine was in the disco chassis.

im guessing they work at different reseistance?


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Defender 200Tdi 11L engines uses PRC8593

Discovery 200Tdi 12L engines either PRC8001 -- Orange or PRC9917 -- Green, Gulf states vehicle use PRC9942 -- no colour detailed

RRC 200Tdi 14L engines use AMR1712 no colour code detailed.

that should help fitting any 200Tdi that isn't a correct Defender high mounted turbo type [see photo below- taken from standing above looking down] in a 90/110/Defender fit sender PRC8593 to make the temp gauge read correctly. :i-m_so_happy:


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i've put a RRC 200tdi in a tomcat (disco) and the gauge now reads at the quater mark instead of the half mark did think i had the wrong termostat but the heater seemed fine what your saying now makes sence


Mike, I have the sender for a Disco in my 200tdi but need a RRC sender and it seems you need the disco one and have a RRC one, fancy a swap?

i'm guessing yours is the tomcat around Saxon? if so i work next door in the Oil Spill base.


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