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Desert Driving


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Take a look at the following pics, my truck will be featured in a local magazine here in Dubai, an article about off road driving, but not vehicle specific

What should have been a simle drive to take some pics resulted in my truck nearly rolling over

It probably didn't help I had the hang over from hell and the decision making process was some what delayed


Hopefully you can use the link to access the pics

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mmmmmmm.....diesel. Nice and torquey. Good in mud, good for digging your way to China in the soft powder :huh:

What was the theme of this desert driving article? :P

When I was last in Dubai, I did very much the same thing to Sharky's 90 - lost the touch in the jungle...

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The Theme for the article was getting out and about in the desert in the UAE

It took well over an hour to get it off this slope, as you can see the sand was like powder

If 2 of us had not been hanging off the side I am sure it would have rolled, that would not have been a good day out. It certainly cleared my hang over though

Luckily summer is over and is was only about 30 degrees

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