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OT But it must've p****d Greenpeace off


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Thanks to those fine chaps at B3TA, this made me laugh rather more than it probably should:

>> Mr Splashy Pants <<

Greenpeace has stuck up a poll to name a

whale, including an obvious winner, Mr Splashy

Pants. A B3tard named 'mince' stuck up a

message on our links board, 'I say we all vote

for 'Mr Splashy Pants' - the only good one on

there!' At the time Splashy was languishing at

1%, this sparked a bit of a campaign, and a

few days later it's a 71% win for the

amusingly-named blubbery mammal. We can only

wonder if the 'Mr Splashy Pants effect' will

now be used to describe the internet's

tendency to always vote for the silliest

option. Remember the poll about The Spice

Girls being forced to play in Baghdad? Now

you'll be able to say - with the full

authority of the B3ta newsletter - ah that's

the Mr Splashy Pants Effect.


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