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Discovery springs

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Britpart heavy duty springs

Anyone used these? Any good? I'm after a firmer ride than the standard springs...it may have been my tired springs, but it was like driving a trifle.

So worth going for the HD ones, or shall I go for a fresh set of standard ones. I'm intending on keeping the ES9000 shocks which should firm the standard ones a bit...

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I probably ought to expand a little more:

Went for a 2" lift (BM springs), pro comp ES9000's and polybushes all round last year to try and cure the trifle problem. The difference in the ride was awesome...much firmer and didn't make me seasick! Was never really happy with the +2, but it drove much better and I really couldn't be arsed to swap the springs back to standard again.

Getting fed up with the +2 now...it may be the source of a number of problems, so figured I would drop it back to standard and see what happens. I would like to preserve the quite firm ride that I currently have...just wondering really if putting standard springs back on will convert it back into a pudding.

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Britpart HD springs are supposed to not be too clever for your fillings.... :blink:

I'll second that. I went for the HD springs and their shocks to match. It still rolls in the corners at speed (well I have taken the anti-roll bars off!), but on the rough it can be a bit jarring. That said, the axles articulate enough to warrant dislocation cones on the rear.

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are there any police spec discovery specific springs? they used the discovery didnt they? just ive heard putting the police spec rangy springs on which are red and white isnt it?? and cost a whole 9 quid a corner raises the front and not the back or something? so good if you have a winch, not so good if you dont

anyone shed any light on this?? im about due some shocks and springs


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I have red/white police spec rangy springs on the front of my Disco (no winch) and I would say the front is about 2.5" higher than standard. I have britpart yellow +2" springs on the back which combined with the rubber isolation rings and turning the lower spring mount over (for the x-springs) matches quite nicely. I believe Mark on here has red/whites all round on his Disco and has had to fit spacers on the rear to level his up and still finds the rear springs a touch soft.



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