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Attention Moderators......


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I notice that our dear Mr Henson (Les, not that pretty boy Gavin who throws his toys out the pram when he doesn't get his way :ph34r: ) has a rather inane moniker of "Old Hand".

Whilst this is an accurate description of the fellow and allegedly his past times :lol: , can we not dream up something a little more in keeping with this fine forum of ours...?

Trev....? Geoff...? Tony...?

Or maybe we should have a cast about the membership for ideas......... :lol:

Come on, what do you reckon...?

How about "(Loud) Speaker of the House" :lol::lol::P

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Something you will discover when you've made your 500th post is you can set you own title.

So, while I might think if something (well have something suggested) which would be a better alternative for Les's title he can just put it back to his fav, carrently 'Old Hand'.

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