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V8 Oil Change


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The Bishtail has been off the road for a while and will be until the New Year.

She's due an oil change and I am after some opinions please. Obviously after such a long time standing all the oil will have drained to the sump so would I be better off draining the oil cold which would get potentially more old oil out?

The down sides to that are that any sediment will have settled out in the sump and may not come out with the old oil as the flow will be steady and non turbulent. Also, being cold, the oil will be thicker so may leave more behind in the sump.

Conversely, starting her up means the sediment gets sent round the engine again so may not come out with the hot oil change......

Answers on a postcard please!

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Drain it hot, any carp will be suspended in the oil, take 'bishtail' for a long run to get to full working temp, then drain as soon as you get home, leave the engine running while getting the tools/drain bucket/new oil/filter ready, :D

sorry run out of postcards :lol:

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Well I always drain the oil from a hot engine. Any sediment will have been trapped by the filter or be too big to be lifted from the bottom of the sump pan! :(. You could always be extra careful and drain it cold, fill with cheapo-carp oil and run up to temperature/drive for a day or two, then drain again/change filter and put some decent oil in it.

Some people may not know it, but modern-day oils have a time life as well as a milage life.

Les. :)

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How about drain the old oil cold, fill with flushing oil and fast idle (per instructions on the flushing oil) and drain that. Might be the best of both worlds? 'Course, I'm far from an expert, so someone can probably tell you exactly why this is a bad idea (apart from the extra cost of the flushing oil).

Ooh...just looked out the window. Stunning sunset. We don't get many of them in Birmingham :)

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