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My discovery has recently started to run badly from a cold start.

There seems to be a lack of power under load as if there is a fuel starvation problem.

Ive also noticed that at about 2500revs when going up an incline the engine beging to shudder as if again its short of fuel.

If I let the engine warm up the problem isnt that bas but I can still feel thats something isnt quite right.

The only work ive done recently(8 months ago)was change one of the coil packs,plugs and leads.

The car has been running fine up until about 2 weeks ago.

Its got 81,000 miles on the clock,and has been regulary serviced by myself.

Any suggestions would be greatly received

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Its got 81,000 miles on the clock,and has been regulary serviced by myself.

When did you replace the fuel filter last? It still could be a fuel restriction & is worse when it's cold as that's when you need more fuel. Gets warmer, you back off.

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I understood they were wrapped around the pump inside the tank, Stephen? Not so?

Woops, missed this...

All I recall is that when I checked the parts fiche when I first got the vehicle, there was no separate part number for the filter. Maybe somebody has made one since. Mine still goes like stink so I have not worried about it, I just always fill up from the pump never from cans.

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hi mate,

I have had exactly the same problem as you are having. I also have a 1999 T plate 4.0v8i disco series 2 es model. i have mine gas converted but when running on petrol its exactly the same as what you are describing, my vehicle will not do more than 50 mph on petrol at all, and gradually decreases when going up an incline etc

i currently have the car in the landrover garage who say that they think it is a fuel pump problem or air flow meter problem

hope this helps mate, once I get my car back hopefully on saturday ill reply to you again with what the problem was. :unsure:



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I have changed the mass airflow meter and all appears to be well,many thanks for all suggestions.

Thanks for updating the group with your fix. Its nice to know whether a suggestion actually resulted in a positive result.

It's a shame that the ECU on the Disco II does not flag an error (like a Check Engine light) when the MAF sensor is faulty.

Even on working MAFs, I've found that over a long period of time, they should just be replaced as a "consumable" because

power outputs and economy improve with a new sensor. Same goes for the lambda sensors in the exhaust pipe.

Lawrance Lee

'99 DII V8 auto

Melbourne, Australia

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