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Unfortunately due to the increasing popularity of LR4x4, it has from time to time come under attack by spammers and automatic "spam-bots" which post material outside the subject of this forum. To counter this we have had the following policy in place for some time now:

New members have to validate via an email address and then be approved by one of the Admins. Following this for a short time after all posts by new members are subject to moderator approval before they appear on the site. Generally approval is fairly quick but as it is a manual process then some delay may be inevitable.

We apologise for this inconvenience. Please don't let it put you off registering, its being done for a good reason ;)

Please read & please comply with the contents below which are in place to safeguard our forum.

T & C's

LR4x4 Forum Charter

Forum Funding

Photo Linking info

Tech Archive Index

To post a for sale item/s in the Classified Forum,

you MUST have a Minimum of 20 posts before selling.

You cannot sell V5's, and/or chassis (VIN) plates on this forum [LR4x4.com]. Period

Registration as a User implies acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

- Participants shall not post any material likely to cause offence, that is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right - without the express permission of the owner of such copyright - or material that contains personal phone numbers or addresses.

- Participants may not use the Forums to post or transmit advertisements or commercial solicitations of any kind.

- Admin or the appropriate Forum Moderator has the right to edit, censor, delete or otherwise modify any posted message.

- This web site does not verify or guarantee the accuracy of the material posted or bear any responsibility for any loss, damage, or other liabilities caused by any posted message.

Please :rtfm: & get it right

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