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Loss Of Oil Pressure


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Hi Yer all;

6 cylinder petrol engine previously operating with 25-28 psi at appx 3000 rpm...........

while driving i had a sudden drop of pressure to almost nil on the electric guage and the green light came on.................

sump is full and no sign of oil leaking anywhere

no rude noises from the bearings (yet)

It was suggested that the pressure relief ball valve was sticking open, i checked this (its accessible externally on the 6) and the spring seems fine

I havn't droped the sump yet to check the oil pump, its different than the 2.35 and harder to remove............

I thought perhaps a broken oil pump drive but then that drives the distributor as well and the motor will run

I also wonder if the oil filter may have disintergrated and is plugging something

has anyone any suggestions to add before i toss a match into the engine bay ? :rolleyes:


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If the oil filter is the bypass type, then if it gets blocked it should'nt prevent lubrication of the engine.

You would know within a few seconds if the oil had really stopped circulating as the first thing to starve would be the head/rockers/camshaft. Louder, more rattly/threshing noise, like an old sewing machine indicates poor lubrication. Maybe the guage has a fault and everything is fine?


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