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Radio iso connectors


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I have not got round to doing any work on my 96 discovery 3.9 yet as I only got it pushed into my garage today and need to swap the engine over. I took a quick look at the radio iso connectors(as the radio was removed by the seller) and there appears to be 4 iso type connectors. 2 standard radio ones, a white one and from memory a purple one. Anyone know waht the spare 2 are? Thanks very much.

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Does the red one have just two wires in it?

If it does it is the input for the sub-woofer (which has its own amp in the back door). You can cut the iso connector off and fit phone plugs to allow it to connect to an after market head unit.


Funny you should say that. As I looked at the photo just a minute ago, I thought that must be it so if you are also confirming the same I will go with that. Any idea what the white one is?

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Do you have volume controls etc mounted on the instrument cluster surround?

If so I suspect it is for them. Un-fortunately mine had already been butchered so I can't take a look and confirm.


Not sure, I will have to check. Have'nt driven it yet as I bought it non running. Just in the middle of the engine swap so don't know my way round it too well.

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