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Discovery 300Tdi speaker upgrades

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post-264-1240130606_thumb.jpgpost-264-1240130630_thumb.jpgpost-264-1240130663_thumb.jpgpost-264-1240130684_thumb.jpgThis thread caught my eye some time ago and since then I've been adding to the ICE in the Disco.

I picked up some RockFord Fosgate 6.5" 2-ways and component speakers that sound sooooo dammed good I just had to get them inside the Disco some how.

My car is a base model Disco without the seperate tweeters in the front door pillars but I was able to get a couple of the pillar trims from my local workshop and remove the puny Rover tweeters. With some fettling with my Dremmel tool and the old faithfull hotmelt glue gun I was able to get the RockFord Tweeters into the factory location with any problems.

Next was the fabricate and cover a couple of MDF rings to space the mids out a bit. I had the fettle the door grab handle but that was easy. I have a couple of spare handle if I want to revert the car back to standard trim. They stick out a little more than I'd planned but they have good strong steel grills and the trade off for such great sound quality makes it worth while.

The rear 2-way 6.5's are also spaced out by 3/4" inch. I removed the old speaker basket which takes up far too much space behind the rear panel. The rear panels are secured using panel plates and not the plastic puch-in cli[ps that I find break off every time I remove the panel.

The RockFord Punch 10" sub is in a custom made MDF enclosure that I tuned with fibre-fill and covered with auto-interior carpet. It's secured with two ratchet straps and transforms the system.

Amps are currently 3 x Denon DCA units. Bridged @ 160 watts RMS per corner and 280 watts RMS into the sub. I picked up some PA speaker grills in India for 4 quid each!

I have three Rockford Punch amps ready to replace these when I get time but the wiring will take more time than I have available right now....so it will have to wait.

Hopefully this will encourage others to fit something abit better than the rather weedy little speakers that Land Rover deemed suitable for in car entertainment.

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Well Done streaky i wish i could hear your setup. But i would paint the speaker grills a matt black and remove of that alloy look "it's not me", but still 5 star.

And, i will have to check out ebay for a shovel like yours, a style i haven't seen before.

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Thanks for the comments...you're right about the silver bling. I never thought of that.

The shovel is a Swedish one made by Fiskars. Aluminium and unbreakable ABS. They are very light weight and make moving sand alot easier than the regular garden center common all garden spade.

They also make a five foot long version.

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