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Anyone got any Laptop based Sat Nav suggestions ?


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Hi all,

Have now a working 'Tablet' with Megatune and Memory Map GPS on it (ta all), and was thinking of adding "Road" sat Nav (I have zero sense of directions on a good day :lol:), so I can have as in the car road "Turn by Turn" with Voice commands and Postcode entry Sat Nav as another options

Anyone able to help me here ?

SO far I have looked at PC Navigator 7, anyone know much about it or have other options or ideras, and anyone got anything I could cadge ?

Now to make a mounting :)

Nige :)

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I use PC navigator 7 - have been using it for about 12 months.

I like it so much I bought a copy ( you know where this is leading !!)

Autoroute is fine to use on the desk, but in a car the way it gives directions is positively dangerous IMHO.


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I have PC navigator 7 on the in car PC

It's pretty much a less slick versino of TomTom

nice and easy to use, takes you where you want to go. Couple of things i don't like: The voice of the women who gives directions (she really irritates me), the fact that postcode entry doesn't resolve the full address (useful if you want to double check the destination adress), the fact that you can't decople the volume control from the main wav volume control- ie if you turn down PC navigator it also turns down winamp at the same tim- sometimes i want to shut the woman up but want to listen to music instead.

Maps are fine, as are the colour systems. Wasn't very expensive- £40 iirc plu cost of GPS mouse.

couldn't find anything else out there that does a similar job unless you want to run TomTom through an emulator- not my preferrred choice.

Does anyone else use http://www.mediaengine.org/ a quite nifty bit of kit for in car PCs?

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For the few occasions I need road guidance I use Autoroute 2007. Like all proggies, the voice for directions is annoying and turn information is generic and sometimes in need of interpertation but it does the job and gets me there.

Not tried others so not able to offer other opinions.


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