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Unmanned towing


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well Betty got moody today so I tried bump starting her on the way down the mountain, no joy I think my leads that I had just carefully readjusted the contacts then rearranged the leads to avoid cross-sparking, must now be earthing, I hope those Magnacors turn up this year!

Towing: a 2' chain round the ballhitch bracket onto the rangie's front bumper, tow rope as backup, from eyelet, doubled, looped round the bumper for tightness, then I had to make a 10-point turn in a width, including a driveway, of 3 vehicle lengths, towed her back up the mountain, including hairpin switchbacks; the spare wheel on the back of the 110 saved most of the damage, only I'll be needing a few plastic dome-shaped lamp lenses!

well there are so few people around here for now, that getting a hand from a person who would do less damage than they prevented, would be a lottery.

It's quite fun, the car behind even steers itself providing you keep the speed down to the slowest low gear speed B) B)

I would not encourage making 3-point turns though, every point costs a lens :D even trying to keep turning the towed car's steering wheel to make the wheels point in the right direction.

The fun of being a Land Rover owner!

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luckily the 'legalities' round here are very decent folk [they drive a Land Rover too!], most of the time they could be persuaded to lend a hand providing that when they first noticed, it wasn't a gratuitously dangerous activity :)

It's more everyone else around at this time of year who are a menace, 'van-men' doing various building/maintenance tasks carelessly, etcetera.

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Now that Betty's looking happy, it looks as though I won't need to prepare for a long-range tow after all. For reference, I looked up the French rules on towing; as they sound quite similar to the UK rules, my guess is they're now standardised across Europe.

These are the French rules:

there are various specific rules as to the weight of trailer a vehicle is allowed to pull, whether you need category E entitlement, etcetera; I think people who've had category B entitlement for a while don't need category E unless the trailer weighs more than the towing vehicle. Newer drivers are more limited though.

trailer above 750kg must have an automatic handbrake.

A single-axle trailer over 750kg, up to I think it was 2500kg, may substitute a safety chain/cable for the automatic handbrake. So a towed car would have to have the auto handbrake.

You are allowed to tow a broken-down vehicle at up to 25KM/h for a "limited distance" so I suppose that's without the auto handbrake. Seems that without a driver is possible too?

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