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Flexplate sensor???


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I have just taken out the engine of my 96(N) Discovery V8(Hotwire) and found that it has thrown a rod to the extent that it has a Big hole in the block on both sides of number 3 and 7 and the camshaft has been smashed through the back of the engine and impacted on the flex plate ripping off all the metalwork(if you know what I mean). I think the metalwork or referance sensor is not used on this model as there are no pick up sensors in the bellhousing or on the engine. I am hoping to get the flexplate re-balanced and use it again. Any ideas if this should be ok? or does anyone have a good flexplate?

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If the flexplate is damaged, as its only a bit of posh tin i would get a new one in case it leads to damage to the torque convertor ie not running true even though it is balanced.


I need to make myself a bit clearer I think. The flexplate is bolted to a flywheel type of affair and the damage has been done to the engine side of the flywheel/flexplate. I think it was a series of peaks and troughs metal type of thing bolted to the flywheel. Very difficult to explain without a picture. The actual flexplate is totally undamaged and will be fine. Hope this makes things a litle clearer.

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WOW! Sounds dramatic!

If I understand correctly, your damage has been done to the flywheel (the larger circular lump of metal with teeth on the outside). The flexplate (fairly thin disk) is bolted to this on the gearbox side with a metal boss. The flexplate is then bolted to the torque convertor with 4 bolts which you undo to seperate engine from gearbox (as well as the bellhousing bolts).

So if my assumption is correct, it sounds like it is the flywheel you need to replace (or at least get very well checked). This is a heavy lump spinning at around 6,000 rpm :o , so not worth taking chances with. As the flexplate is joined to this in a fairly small radius in the middle, it is possible it has escaped damage, however, as mentioned above it is not the most robust item, and as you are stripping the whole thing is probably worth changing.

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