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ATF cooler hoses


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I need to replace the rubber hoses that connect to the cooler up front for my autobox.

Standard parts are not an option as I need to extend the lines in order to relocate the

cooler itself. Does anybody happen to know what size hose I'd need and what fittings?

I'm working away miles away from my disco so I can't check myself, but there's a

huge Pirtek outlet just next to where I am. I'd love to be able to grab the bits now.

It's on a 3.9V8i if that makes any difference.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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It's not just the size you'll need, but the length as well. Better to wait till you can take the old ones with you and slap them on the desk. Any extra length will be a PITA to lose without kinking the hoses.

My RR ones were made 'about' the same length as the standard metal/flexi ones, but we still had some spare to lose...

You'll also need to make sure you get all the right fittings at the right angles, so better to take a long hard look and think, then take the old ones along.

Have a look HERE to see the ones that I had made. Quite over spec'd, but good for a long while...

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