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Front radius arms


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Hello ppl

When people are building long travel suspension how do you get around the problem of the front radius arms, looking at mine the std ones hit the brakets on the axle before you get much travel.

I have been trying to look into the qt front radius arms that come in the 3-link kit but after a phone call and 5 e-mails i still havent got a price for just the parts.

Any help would be gr8.



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I am making a 3-link set up just of my own to save having to buy all the qt set up as i have my own dampers etc

The parts i was wanting to get from qt was the arms and the mounting plate to fit then to the axle.

The castor corrected ones will still hit the brakets on the axle ( or am i wrong )

Thanks very much.

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What Muddy is talking about is also called a hinged radius arm. Its the simplest solution, but people have found it to have some questionable handling characteristics off road. This has been discussed a few times before on this and other forums.

Another way is to replace the radius arms with a single triangular arm to a pivot on the gearbox cross member. This is my current plan, though finding/choosing the most suitable joint for the cross member end is the most difficult bit.

A heavy duty cross member and the triangular arm are not too difficult to make and I plan to bolt it to the axle using the radius arm brackets so if I don't like it I can just remove and refit the radius arms.

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Also your memory is better than mine

I've seen the pics of roguevogue, my joint conundrum is whether to do something like you mentioned or whether to use a suitable ball and socket like an X-Joint.

Do you have any pictures of the bearings you used on the A frame?

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pics can be found here clicky i'm a tight arsed get so i scrounged what steel i had lying around along with some bits of diff pinion stuff i think its just a 'plain' bearing ie just grease seperating them. so far it seems orite but only time will tell i suppose :rolleyes:

do you have msn? i am more than happy to chat on there if its easyer.


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