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Vapour builder 2007

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The God of Vapour that is Will Warne

The MIA Vapour Lewis

The older fellow Vapour PaulW

The Larger Fellow Vapour Pugwash

The Classifieds moderator vapour Rogue Trooper

The Military Moderator blame someone else Vapour Les Brock

The Admin Vapour Les Henson

The inventor Vapour SimonR

The rocketeer vapour Astro Al

The bluddy hopless vapour SOA(by own admission)

The wannabee now a not wannabee vapour builder Jules


There must be more!

name them all then we can have a Prize after a phone in vote where the Forum keeps all the money and names a winner picked before the lines open

in the way all phone in seem to be lately

Any More?

Awards for the longest time to produce nothing

the most ££ spent on amassing tools/parts

for not moving forwards

for not supplying photos

and for Will the all comers lifetime achievement award for ruining a perfectly good 90 and ending up with a pile of bits and tons of ideas.

Anyone actually building something and finishing it is not included

this is vapour wear only

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My vote goes to the nutter who dismantled his 90,lovely green csw,started to mod the rear tub and then towed it to a landrover show so everyone could ask what he was doing!

Anyone on here B)

hail the God as he is before us :)

from this DSC00094.jpg

to this in not time at all DSC00445.jpg

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Ive got a new car........... :)

only prob is its still in my laptop...... :(

I think you can go and stand in the corner with Bill Van Snorkel, under achiever that you are!

Can I nominate myself....bloody hopeless!

Have a 88 SOA project leant up against the wall in the garage started 2005.

Have big plans for my Disco, have had the wheels, tyres, axles winches etc. for 18 months and nothing has found its way onto the truck.

Have bought welders, tube benders, saws, plasma......... :rolleyes:

The amount of steel tube, box etc int the garage is staggering.

I see what other people on this forum do in there alloted time and I hold my head in shame.

But I wasn't silly enough to start a thread thank God.

Do you think this could turn into a sort of coming out party.


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I sold mine before I even though about why I was selling it.

work was taking up too much time..... I've now changed jobs and I've had time to re-dec the house now I need somthing to do in the evenings :lol:

I'm keeping away from this list for another year ot two

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I sold mine before I even though about why I was selling it.

work was taking up too much time..... I've now changed jobs and I've had time to re-dec the house now I need somthing to do in the evenings :lol:

I'm keeping away from this list for another year ot two

:hysterical: that's what you think

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Funny but harsh……………. :lol:

Maybe 4 names on there probably (allegedly) have a fair bit to show for their (or others) efforts………………………at least 2 may almost have a complete vehicle (allegedly) and that not including Will as a complete vehicle in a pile of bits doesn’t count…. :lol:

I feel a bit guilty :( ………… I had a lot of plans for the year but only a small % got completed ………… I guess there is always next year….and the year after …etc :rolleyes:



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Think I'm going to be out of the running soon! Mine is condensing rapidly. It is sitting on it's own wheels now. Jusd need a cage, a coat of paint and a bit of fettling time and it will be off the road.


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:huh: Cruel Tony,.... so Cruel :huh:

But Funny as **** :hysterical:

I know that Si Rs exists, moreover each time I see it is has progressed strongly, so he's an interloper on the list and should be thrown off it for cheating (ie building something :lol:), as too has Mr Wightman, whose excuse for the time taken so far will prob revolve around the feeble excuse of bulding a mammoth workshop to buld it in - Tsk, such feeble squeakings.

[X-Factor Mode on]

I have pressed the Red Button for

"The GOV"

(The God Of Vapour)

The 'Mr Trebus' of Parts

William Warne :)

[/X-Factor Mode off]

So, in true X-Factor stylee

"MR W please show us your song scrap one more time " :)


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Mines not my fault.......Honest.......... :rolleyes:

I'm waiting on Mr Turner and Co....who's only had it only since the end of May :o ...and keeps doing events and enjoying himself rather than extracting his digit and giving me a big Christmas pressie :lol:

So I can enjoy myself as well :P

so thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it !

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I could nominate myself, but i have built one truck this year, and am helping twizzle resume the build on his after 14yrs in the garage.

I have an idea for a new light build that gets eluded too now and then, its been a sketch and a chatted about idea for 4+ yrs now!!

Just ask, twizzle and sheeppimp, they have too put up with my ramblings......... but it is top secret........ so i cant show anyone anything, cos then it would exist in cyberspace, and not be secret!!

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Unfortunately he's now catching up fast, but Twizzle deserves an honourary mention for having his truck off the road for 14 years :o

For sheer amount of talking/posting versus visible progress Mr Warne has to get my vote, turning up to the last two club playdays in a lotus that struggles to drive over larger lumps of gravel gets bonus points.

Given that both have vehicles in a similar state to Mr Warne's, Dan & Jen could go on the list, although their starting points weren't dismantling a perfectly good truck :rolleyes: plus I've seen evidence of work on both their builds recently - even if Dan seems to need a prod with a sharp stick quite regularly and keeps grumbling about not having a garage.

Although Jez's truck is more vapour than solid, he's got a rather fixed deadline and the Stig on hand so anything could happen.

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i think Les (H) is getting away lightly here. of all the other people i know on the list i have seen their truck running either prior to dismantly (Wills) or in build progress (Puggy) or pics SiRs. but Les' who i believe started before all these builds, i have never seen running or pics of it as a complete vehicle prior to during or post build ( post build pics due 2012)

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It's got to be our Rocket Scientist - he has a workshop, cool tool toys, at least one engine and gearbox (IIRC) axles, yet there has been no appreciable attempt to join any of them together - he just makes noises about being in a "foreign" country.......... :P:P

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Good point, Al is (still) committed to vapour building and seems to be stuck on the "buying toys" stage of the build. Double points for buying a whole running UniMog and taking it apart rather than just painting it a less gay colour and going playing with it. Although it cost considerably less than Will's wanton dismantlement of a perfectly good challenge truck, it does rank highly in the "taking apart a perfectly capable off-roader" stakes, possibly higher than Mr Warne.

Also a steering box for said mog appears to have arrived on my doorstep for Mr Al, I'm having to keep moving it every half hour to keep it from inducing subsidence on the patio :o

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