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Roof Light Bars


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Now i know these can be purchased for a small-ish wedge of cash from various suppliers, but i was wondering about being a cheapskate and making one.

was thinking of maybe 3/4" or 1" box section for the main span (eliminate any chance of flexing) and then some supports at the end, that will mount into the drip rail.

my main reasoning behind this is to A) save some cash & B) its a good excuse to be playing with my new welder during the xmas break, which has got to be better than suffering the endless drivel on the telly this year.

any pointers i should be considering before i start?

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Sounds like a fairly simple fabrication job really, ideal for a first project...

What vehicle is it for? Disco and rangie screens are curved, which adds to the fun, but defender and series screens are obvously flat.

might be worth considering tube rather than box, just from a wind noise / aerodynamics point if view...

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good thinking on the tube. it will be on the disco, so the curved bit will make it interesting.

have got the boot floor, rear e pillar base, rear x member and lh A pillar to weld in the spring (no garage and too cold this time of year to be outside doing too much too it) so some practice on this kind of thing will be a good start

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If you are interested and dont want to make one, you could have mine for little money. It was bolted to my roll cage but if you dont have a cage, you could cut off the offending bits and make simple brackets to suit your disco. It has 4 very good blueish tinged spots. I still have one on the back of my truck and it works well, Loads of light as long as you mount it to cast a shadow over your windscreen to stop the glare from blinding your foreward progress.........

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