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&*%^$^& Heatshield

Matt B

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Hello All

The starter on my Disco has been getting progresively worse, it just gets into a particular frame of mind and all it does is whine...

Due to festive pressures on the wallet I decided to swap it out with the one from my RRC as they seem to be identical. Having spent a pleasant 5 minutes removing the one from the classic I decided that it was going to be a doddle and started on the disco - four hours later I still haven't got past the b*&^%y heatshield.

Two questions:

1) Am I wasting my time - although the motors seem the same I can't tell if the electrical connections are similar due to the heatshield (see above)

2) How do I get the heatshield off without wanting to crush the car?

Matt B

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Smash it off,i did and i havnt had a heat Shield since

and good caking in mud does the same thing

If its an early 200 Tdi,its just left of RR parts any ways

many motorspare places recon starters cheaper the new these days tbh

i had my 200 Tdi disco starter done for £15

5 min job with the shield gone

Its lasted 18 months so far with out it

l ll save you scuffing your knuckles :)

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