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How easy (No. 2) is it...........

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Ok guys and gals, I've done the dash bulbs (was one short cause I didn't realise the speedometer needed two - eeek!).......and I've fitted the nice wheel carrier and spare wheel on the rear door.

The next object is replacing the rather dull headlamps with some nice new halogens (anyone want the old ones?)....how easy is it please o mud-encrusted gurus!


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Just did the same on my 1996 90 on Sunday. Bulb went so I brought a new one. Got home and realised it was a sealed beam. Doh!!! So back to the shop and got a couple of Halogen conversion. Much better and brighter light.

As Fridge says it's just a screwdriver job.


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So, following the advice, I set about replacing the headlamps...........

Driver's side first - two screws out, sidelamp cover removed, three screws out, sidelamp holder removed.

Repeat for indicator. Then, two final screws out and the square trim piece removed.

Three headlamp retaining ring screws out, old sealed beam unit removed. (Existing bowls are plastic so no rust!)

Installed new halogen job - tested - hurrah :D:D super brightness! Refitted everything in reverse order - all good.

Final test and all working properly (note old passenger side sealed beam unit also working properly).

Then, destroyed three lamb chops and some steamed veg courtesy of her (are you not finished messing with that car yet?) indoors. Yum.

Suitably replete, I started on the passenger side. As before, but when I install the new halogen unit, it is incredibly dim. I mean dull.....looked like the bulb was faulty, so a quick scurry round three garages to find some R472 bulbs. Bought a pair (just in case), still the same. Grrrr!

Tinkered looking for loose wiring etc. No joy. Re-fitted the sealed beam unit (which was working alongside the halogen) and it is now also totally dim.

By the time I finished it was nearly eleven o-clock, and so cold you could have used my driveway for speed-skating. Car now not driveable (in the dark).

Owner very grumpy. The lamb chops were fantastic though.

Any clues folks?

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Graham, clean - to bright metal - all the electrical connections and the earth wire which IIRC is at the upper front of the galve inner wing. You may need to remove your wheelarch spat to reach the earth.

Good luck, it's just a poor connection. If main beam is dim too, then that points to your earthing point.



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