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Mind of its own !

nigel dunks

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I'll explain a bit more,

I have read the articles on slow starter motors and believe that i may need a new one, however i have a 300tdi es 96 model.

during cold weather i have suffered with flat batteries after aprox 2 days standing, so i know something is draining the battery but not sure what. sometimes when i try to start on a cold morning the starter motor seems to stick in the spinning mode, after which i disconect the battery and reconect, charge, and start. the battery is new.

Yesterday i went to start the car and nothing !! totaly flat apart from a slight sqeak from the alarm so i pulled my van up to jump the battery, upon connecting the leads to the battery the landy started turning over but did not start !! with no keys in !!

It was left turned off 2 days before after a good run and the battery was fine.

So i assume that a new starter is required 1st but why would the starter be switched on! are there any relays that may be shot and require changing?

Any help greatly appreciated

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I would think the most likely possibility is that there is a wire chafed through somewhere which is giving 12V to the coil of the starter solenoid, or the key has some sort of internal short doing the same. The solenoid might be sticking though - wouldn't rule it out.

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