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Freelander n/s drum brake


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Hi again all - i'm pulling on your xmas sprit for this one.

Some time ago I had the auto adjuster over adjust on the nsr drum. I manually slackened it off and all seemed fine.

Now occasionally when i brake the nsr brakes make an abs type 'bang bang bang' noise until the vehicle slows down. The wheel does not lock up.

Compared to the osr the nsr drum is getting very hot. Could the fault be the auto adjuster again or maybe a faulty abs sensor?

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sounds like it`s binding on mate. it won`t be the abs. best bet is to strip off and have a look. check the retaining springs

Got to the bottom of this........stripped it again and found that it was the handbrake cable bracket which should have a small part which allows the cable to pull. this should be able to rotate freely. mine was seized solid.

dropped it in a jam jar of diesel overnight, cleaned up with shed loads of brake cleaner and free'd up.


no problems now. seems if the handbrake is not adjusted correctly then the auto adjuster can't work......

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