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Early Christmas present


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In the process of cleaning up the 200tdi head this evening I discovered under the layers s of carbon, cracks between the inlet/exhaust valves on Pot 3 that propagates about 4mm from the surface.

Also cracking between the holes for the injector and glow plug, which look to go deeper.

I presume the head is toast, and nothing can be done with it?

When the engine was purchased it ran well. Do I reassemble it, and hold out till the head completely fails?

I won’t be able to afford a new one out right... so do good second hand ones exist?

Any help in this moment of despair :( is greatly appreciated...

Makes you want a V8



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Mmmmm bummer.

bump to the top.

FWIW I've had a Renault TD and a VW TD apart, with cracks like beween your valves on every cylinder, research for those motors found it is considered "normal" and ignored, just continue rebuild as normal. I hope you get good news like that too.

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you could get it pressure tested to see what transpires - that way at least you will know...I had it done on a mercedes head once, but from memory it cost about 400£ - not sure what new head costs - but if its the same as a disco head (not sure), then you could get a whole car with engine for that price !

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Well i looked further today at the injector/ glowplug holes.

Similarly they only travel about 4mm into the face of the head.

Pot 2 is also begining to crack on these holes, but no way near as bad as Pot 3.

When stripping the head i found that the valve stem seals on these two chambers were completely nackered, practically falling off. It looks like oil has been pouring in to these cyclinders for a while. Would this be the cause of the cracking?

Cheers for the help so far


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