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Fuel and ignition but still won't start...

Earl Fender

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Hiya, advice needed before I light blue touch paper and stand clear!!

I have a W reg 1.8 petrol FLander that just refuses to start. Nice strong clean spark at the plugs and fuel is reaching the injector fuel rail but when it spins over it just doesn't want to catch. I'm thinking that the fuel is not getting through the injectors and that there is a leccy fault. I see from the Haynes manual that the injectors are triggered from the ECU on one side and are connected to a relay on the other. The relay also has the oxygen sensor going to it but the wiring diagram doesn't show the internal connections of the relay so I'm not able to meter it out. I have a couple of questions, i.e. any ideas where this relay is located? Following the cabling from the O2 sensor doesn't locate it. In addition, I notice on the wiring diagram that injectors for cylinders 1 & 4 are wired in parallel as are injectors 2 & 3. This would mean that when Injec 1 is open on the compression stroke to let fuel in, this would also be the case on Injec 4 which would at that time be on the exhaust stroke. Any ideas how this works please??

Overall, any ideas where to look for a fix to this non starting lump of sh*te??

Ta and Happy New Year to whoever comes up with the correct answer!!


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Possibly the timing sensor.

Not sure but think the pick up is on the camshaft

Thanks for the reply, it did cross my mind but if the crankshaft sensor was U/S, I presume that the ignition would also not work due to not knowing the timing position? In this particular case the ignition works a treat and i'm getting a strong spark at the end of the HT lead. I also thought of plugs but they would not all fail at the same time and even then it would at least start albeit a bit rough and missing.

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