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Delphi Lucas CAV DPS information

David Sparkes

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I want to understand a little bit more about the DPS pump operation, as fitted to 2.5 TD engines, than Land Rover provide in the Workshop Manuals. I understand that these pumps cannot be repaired 'at home', but even so I'd like to know a little bit more.

I've searched on various LR forums, and not found anything, but Googling has produced titles and part numbers of a couple of booklets.

The same page, about a 2002 Training Course, says these are for Lucas Authorised Dealers only.

I only found this information tonight, so haven't had chance to see if I can charm copies out of any local Lucas Diesel shops.

So, I'm hoping someone can tell me where these have already been uploaded to, or can provide another means of accessing them.

“DPS Fuel Injection Pump – Principles of Operation” by Lucas. P/N XPB105 (EN)

“DPS Fuel Injection Pump” by Lucas. P/N XNB104 (EN)

I rather assume (EN) means English, which will do fine!!

These would be naturals for the Tech Archive, if in a suitable format, or could be offered to Green Oval if a hosting site was required.

Any help out there?


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Thanks 88 Special, I've taken a download of the DPA manual, just for interest.

It is a wonderfully clear document - bonus points to whoever scanned that.

I've thought of a couple of trade contacts that I've swapped emails with before, so I've contacted them as well.

Of course, it may be 2008 before I get a response!!


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