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Setting Bluetooth GPS with Autoroute


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right, if anyone can help i would be most grateful.

i have had a nice b/tooth gps receiver for xmas, which works well with GPSUtil (nice little tool that provides the basics) but it will not work with autoroute 07.....

the com ports are set up, although autoroute will not recognise the gps device, it is NMEA v3.0 compliant, so no problem there, but its doing my nut in :(

anyone had experience setting one up with autoroute?


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done that, but a/r detects the ports, but gives the message "no gps device found" ?

when it did recognise it, i got the message that "com port is available, but no signal is being received" lights on gps unit are flashing to say it has acquired a signal, and the bluetooth is connected, but it won't talk to a/r.

oh well, better wait for the memory map set to finish d/loading

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two lights, one blue (indicates b/tooth connected) and one red, which pulses about once per 3 secs to indicate a fixed position.

as in first post, it will work ok with GPSUtil, can get position info, bearing, speed etc....but typical a/r having a typical m/s paddy about it

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