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My new Land Rover - advice please

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I am looking for some intial advice, though (I suspect) I will be returning for more detail over the coming months/years.

I have recently acquried a Land Rover Defender 90 2.5 TDi (E-reg). It is in need of some TLC. Not least of which is a new clutch / thrust plates. The Land Rover has been stood for about 18mths, but did start after some minor persuation.

I am planning to strip and rebuild the vehicle - obviously a big job. I will be learning whilst doing and need some guidance. Would anyone like to suggest some good starting points (books, websites, "cars for dogs").

Thanks in advance.


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First thing to check is whether it's a TD or a Tdi. Factory Tdi defenders start at 1990, but there are plenty of aftermarket transplants out there - this will make a huge difference to many of the replacement parts or spares you'll buy.

Easiest way to check that I know of without delving into engine numbers is to look at the rocker cover gasket. If it's an easily visible cork one then it's a TD (19J) engine, if it's a rubber/neoprene looking thing which you can barely see as they're sandwiched in there pretty good - it's a Tdi.

If it's a Tdi the next question will be 'which Tdi?'. Earlier 200's have a drive belt for the alternator and water pump and another for the power steering pump - both run from the crank pulley. Later 300's have a single belt to drive all the ancillaries which is a fair bit wider than a 'normal' alternator belt.

Haynes manual is a good start to learn about the vehicle, but it's not a 'strip and rebuild it' guide. No idea if there's a 'restore your own landy' manual out there - bearing in mind they've been around for 60 years it's a pretty fair bet there is. Dare say someone will be along shortly who's been there, done it and written the manual ;)


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I'd get hold of the LR parts book, it's more useful than the haynes or other manuals as you can work out how to do most stuff, but seeing an exploded diagram of every single component (and a part number for each) is far more useful I find.

Apart from that, there's no short guide to doing a rebuild, so good luck!

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Hi Freddy,

Best tool I use is a digital camera, take loads of pics before during and after and you have a great reference log all of your own.. Great for wiring too I find..

I changed the bulkhead on my 1991 Tdi200 110 after this I feel I'd have a go at any new job on it... most jobs are straight forward and if/when you get stuck come on here and ask.... I do.... lots.

Good luck...


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