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When removing the rear caliper for the first time on my disco today, i quite stupidly undid the 2 bolts at the front of the caliper..not the ones at the rear actually holding the caliper on.:(...as soon as i saw the brake fluid dripping out, i realized my mistake and nipped them back up again......does anybody know if i now need to remove the caliper completely, split it, clean the mating surfaces and replace any gasket or "o" ring, rebuild and re-fit.

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Take a look at this thread to get an idea what's between the two halves of the caliper body.


I would remove the caliper, clean the mating faces and then clamp them back together again. Bleed the brakes and then press and maintain high pressure on the brake pedal and then check for any leaks.


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Something that's always puzzled me as well. After all, you can buy kits to strip & renew all seals in the master cylinder and seal kits are supplied to do wheel cylinders & calipers & have been for years.

And it would be a sight easier to get those b----- metal rings back in square if you did split them.

Mr Land Rover also says in the various factory manuals in the brake overhaul section that you "Do not separate the caliper halves" whilst going into considerable detail of how to strip most of the other brake parts.

So as a lot of the contents of Haynes manuals are a straight lift from the factory manuals that is no doubt why Haynes says it.

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It gets even funnier - if you look at the Microcat and click on the seals, it says you must not attempt to change them. Then it gives you the part number of the kit.

To change the tin retainers I use the central race of a dismantled taper roller bearing. It fits prezackly over the caliper and allows the tin retainers to be pushed in evenly. Dunno which bearing it is though as we have boxes of old ones.

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