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Hope some one has come across this problem before , have just purchased a 04 Freelander Td4 S auto and have discovered that the air con is running all of the time , the switch on the centre consal seems to operate as it should .

Unfortunatly the haynes manual does not give the wirring diagram for the air con control circuit .

Any help would be much appreciated , also could some one advise what the expected M.P.G. for a auto should be aprox .

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No experience of this specific one but most aircon compressor clutches (the fangled contrivance the pulley mounts to on the front of the compressor) have a single +12v feed to engage them. When they're not engaged the pulley will freewheel and the centre (connected to the compressor internals) will stay still.

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RE MPG -We have an 02 td4 auto - I reckon we get no more than 25mpg (but live in a hilly area with lots of short runs). - the most I have seen is 28mpg on a long run.

Many thanks for the info I am doing OK as I am geting aprox 26 on short runs and 36 + on a run .

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As fridgefreezer says, i'd check the power supply to it when it should be turned off. There should be only one wire to the air con compressor which will give a 12v feed when the systen is on and nothing when it is off, obviously. If there is no feed there and the compressor is till spining then the clutch must be stuck on in the compressor.

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We were getting about 26mpg round town, and 29 mpg on a run out of a 55 plate se auto TD4.

However I think there was an issue of the fuel burning heater being on for too much of the time, that was never fully resolved. I would certainly have expected more than 29mpg on a the motorway at a constant ( ish) 70 mph over 250 miles.

Present D3 does better, even round town.

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