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Spotted Camel 110


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Aye... twas me! :D

Picked it up a couple of weeks ago.... It's well cool... but completely unsuited to the dauily commute to pompey! But hey ho!

Was that you in the gold disco I waved at trev?

Looks jus the job. Better for the commute than my 90.

Gold Disco, you where waving at everything weren't you :D

I was in a silver one. Not used to being waved at in that so thanks.

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Obviously a fake, all the ones I've ever seen are that rather disgusting shade of orange!


I think you'll find it's Sandglow LRC361 actually, and sand is yellow not orange :P;)


What were you saying the other day about people making silly posts Les? :ph34r:

I already have a coat, ta :)

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