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oversized axle bump stops


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Where can anyone recomend some oversided Axle bump stops as my shocks as bottoming out on my +2 shocks but I have still got standard bump stops.

Also when Lard Ars Mr Warn was sat in the back of my Rangy with Steve and my wife and the spare with tools and all my wet recovery gear in the boot the 35" 1250 tyres rubbed on cross axles it only did it once but none the less I could do with out any rubbing on the rear end.. It was and is the only time I have ever heared any rubbing from my tyres on the LSE.


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I am not sure about these, but i bought a set from Paddock, on those were carp. And look same as on ebay( polyurethane stuff). They have no steel mounting plate and are not fabricated exactly for LR bump stop brackets. there is hole between bump stop and frame about 1 cm tall. I will rather fabricate some support for your old ones.

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