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Welsh Heartlands Land Rover 60


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Over the weekend of 19-20th April the Welsh Transport Heritage Museum with assistance from the South Wales Land Rover Club are organising a Land Rover Festival as part of the Welsh Heartlands Autofest being staged in the Country Park alongside the Civic Centre in Pontllanfraith near Blackwood, Caerphilly.

There will be a display area and a large action area and to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Land Rover a road run is planned from its birthplace in Anglesey down through Wales to Blackwood. This weekend is as near as you can get to the first appearance of the Land Rover 60 years ago in Amsterdam.

We are looking for ideas , suggestions and of course entries to help make this a great weekend event.

Proceeds from the festival will be dedicated once again to the Wales Air Ambulance charity which runs three life saving helecopters covering the whole of Wales 24-7.

Visit the website for more general information at www.welsh-transport-festival.co.uk


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Having had a hands-on experience with the organizers and festival coordinators of this "festival"....

Here are my 5 cents:

do not trust them ... do not believe anything they say. Take great care.

They talk sweetly and try to baffle you.

In the end, there is nothing solid, but lots of promisses.

Do yourself a favor: Get information about the financial background of this festival and their organizers, this should help you to see the whole picture.

I'm the manager of a german rockband "The Backtracks" supposed to perform on this autofest.



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