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Pic request.... disco on 235/85's with lift


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at last i might be able to help rather than just ask questions :lol: :lol:

these are my disco's...... the one on the grass has an inch lift with 235/85/16 mud tyres....( had to cut arches and doors )

the one on the beach is my v8 that i have for sale.... 235/85/16 at's...2 " lift. just needed a gentle camel cut



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It depends on the tires how much you have to cut a way the body

My truck has a 3in lift on the back and 2 on the front and i run 235/85 tiers

I took these pics when doing the first fit


I then cut/trimmed the front and rear arches...


But that was still not enough so in the end I got some of those plastic arches and cut lots off the doors and front/rear wings...


Hope this helps

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This is about the only one I can find where the truck is't in a silly position...


235/86-16 BFG M/Ts on disco steels with OME+2" suspension all round. There are also spacers on the back to bring the car up level. Rear arches are trimmed a touch on the back edge, and I have cranked rear arms too.

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