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Smaller PAS pump pully


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I run full hydraulic steering with the normal pas pump, but I would like to a bit more "oil-flow" (is this correct english). To get this I would like to install a smaller pully on the pump, but are they available "off the shelf"?



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I think there is a mod where a hole on the inlet / outlet of the standard pump is made bigger for more flow. I don't know the details though and not sure if overheating the PS circuit would be an issue requiring a cooler?

Problem with going to a much smaller pulley may mean the belt may start to slip under max load as there's less contact area.

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A smaller pulley on the pump will not make any difference to the flow rate- the output flow is constant pretty much regardless of the speed at which it turns.

You will need to change the pump to a higher flowrate one- Possibly a ZF74 which you can get from Allan at www.4x4winches.com new for about £135 +vat- he sometimes has good second hand ones as well. They are rated at 120bar and 13L/min (I believe that the flow is actually less than this going by the two on my truck). Or if you take a look at one on a scrap 7 series BMW you should find they they will be pretty similar...


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Looks interesting, decided to compare the spec to the ZF74:

PSC Pump:

Flow: 4.5 gpm (=17 litres/min)

Pres: 1600psi (=110bar)

ZF74 Pump:

Flow: 12.5L/min (=3.3gpm)

Pres: 120bar (=1740psi)

(using US gallons in the conversion)

Are the mountings fairly standard between different pumps or would it need custom brackets for LR engines?

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