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Land Rover Parts Supplier in the Wirral


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There is LR parts in the speke garston area. I dropped in ages ago and they seem to have a decent store with plenty of parts. The guys also appeared to know what they were doing from the brief chat I had with them.

Tip for finding them:

If approaching from the mersey side:

they are just before the bridge on the right, then about 1/2 way down the road

Obviously if approaching from the other direction they are on the left, just after the bridge.

I don't think the part prices where too bad either, the best bit is that they actually have a shop and it's not filled with bling (well wasn't) so you can find all sorts of things that might be handy :)

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Thanks Steve. I had a look at the LR Supermarket website this morning - they only seem to stock the Prestolite(have seen these slagged on this site) model or the a proper LR one at twice the price - not sure if I want to spend £210+ on a starter! Will give the grease monkeys a ring in the week, my disco will still start with a jump for the time being.



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Does anyone know where I could pick one up today in the Wirral/Liverpool area?

Philj, another company I have used is Overlandrs in Litherland, Liverpool.

Make a note of the number for future reference:- 0151 476 7002.


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Thanks for the advice, I have just had a reaonable quote from GreaseMonkeys to supply and fit a new one - after seeing where the damn thing is, it look like it could be tricky to get in/out!

Actually it's not difficult. There is an excellent post in the Tech section of this website. The only "special" tool you will need is an 18" extension bar for your square drive. The third bolt has to be reached by threading the drive behind the turbo from the front of the engine. Other than that it's a Haynes "one spanner" job.

And it can all be done from the top, no need to get under.

The old one took me 1/2 hour to remove and the new one 10 min to put on. Had I been able to find my extension bar then getting the old one off would have taken less than 20 min. <_<

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