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Any one put one of the 12volt heaters in their series or even tried one. Are they any use at all. My series can be very cold and damp these cold mornings. No headlining or side insulation does,nt help either.

Not entirly sure what type of heater you are refering to but as quoted by the other member heat needs watts of power which are in laymens terms directly related to your volts and amps getting high amps through a 12v system aint easy hence the large cables on your battery ect. Obviously you dont need anything like the power which starts your vehicle but any form of heating uses lots of power so this should be concidered. If the heater in question is made for the job i suppose it must be ok but when you concider not any cars to date ( i think) have a element type heater(execpt for windows) instead of the normal warm air blower type and the wiring ect in the series is pretty primitive i would think hard about it.

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All I've heard about those electric heaters is that they're pants, I'm just going to give in and buy a heated screen as the V8 kicks out enough general heat into the cabin and the only need I have for an actual heater is to see where I'm going.

Cheaper alternative, raid the scrapyard for heaters / heater matrixes and see what you can make fit.

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