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Roof rack & lights advice

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Like Shaggy, earlier, we've just bought a 90 recently and are loving it, and also the advice and general depth and background there is on this site, in the tech archive and general stuff, it's brilliant, and I always learn something from a dip in. Anyway, unlike probably a lot of you (and the editors and contributors of a lot of the magazines) we've got no real interest in field sports or greenlaning, despite living in the country and owning 11 springer spaniels, 9 of which will be gone in approximately 12 days and 6 hours (not that I'm counting) We've just started a small business and needed both a work-horse and show-pony to beat about the land we've just leased (to grow flowers on: don't laugh) We bought a sankey trailer with it, which has been great at moving tonnes of manure, but also need a roof rack/bar set up which can do the following;

securely load round-poles/batten/timber of any length,

hold extra bags of ballast/manure/aggregate when the trailer and back is full;

and also take some luggage when we all head off to the Gower to surf in the Summer!

We didn't have room where we live for a 110, hence the 90. We also ran a Hi-Lux a few years ago, for a different project, which was great, but very expensive to fix (which, admittedly, didn't happen often, and we did look very seriously this time round)

Loading and securing the trailer in the dark has been a lottery too over christmas, so a lighting arrangement will be needed.

I've trawled through the mags and there seems lots on offer, but thought would canvass some opinion.

Is the load arrangement above asking too much of any one product?

Also, are the electrics involved in putting a spot light on something a very amateurish amateur could do? Bearing in mind that I've just successfully 'fixed' the heater by following the advice I got from you lot!



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