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Mantec Snorkel


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Today I have mostly been failing to fit a Mantec Dex- 04 Snorkel to my Landy.

I have been on the phone and they have asked me for pictures which I have just sent them, but in the mean time I thought you lot may be able to shed some light on things.

The issue I'm having is lack of room between the heater motor and the bulkhead to fit the pipe through as intended.

Has anybody fitted one of these, any pictures advice?

I've searched the forum but all I can find is stuff for those new fangled coil sprung things and external pictures.

I'm hoping to not butcher the kit to make it fit if it's possible to exchange some bits to make it work but I will eventually if it's my only option.

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I seem to recall seeing recently that a 90/110 heater assembly was a straight swap and more effective (in Land Rover terms I guess). Any truth in this and would it require moving the intake to the top of the wing?

Beginning to wish I'd just bodged my own up, but the bits in the Mantec kit are really nice, be even better when I get them on.

Tiagoc If It comes off you can have it for P&P costs.

I haven't gone out and got an air box yet either, I ditched the oil bath many years ago and have run with a K&N straight on to the top of the Zenith. Has anyone got any suggestions for a second hand box that I can squeeze in?

I think my plan of having this done for Sunday is looking remote as I'm on nights all week now as well.

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