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200TDi Workshop manual


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Rather than post a new topic, I found this one in the archives. I'm looking for the same thing, a workshop manual for my 200Tdi, 1992 MY.

My question specifically, is it better to buy the 1983-1990 manual which comes with the 1990-1992 Defender supplement (detailing all the 200Tdi-specific info) as per this link:


...or to buy the 1993-1995 manual that Ralph linked above:


The former option is £20 cheaper, and will have all the information I need thanks to the Defender supplements, but at the same time I'm also getting a load of info for V8, 2.25 petrol, and 2.5 petrol/diesel vehicles prior to 1990 that is irrelevant.

The latter option, covers the 300Tdi engine as well as the 200Tdi, but what I'm worried about is the fact that it covers 200Tdis made from 1993 onwards (the last few), and mine may have differences. That said, it's more likely I'll own a 300Tdi in the future, and that would leave me with a manual covering both vehicles better.

Which would you reccomend?

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my Defender workshop manual covers the earlier engine upto & including the 200Tdi, I have the 300Tdi/R380 gearbox & later LT230 transfer box in a seperate book,

there isn't much change between the early & late 200Tdi engines, most of the differences are within threads on this very forum.

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Thanks Ralph. From what I can ascertain, the link to the 1993 - 1995 book above is for a package deal with the 300Tdi/R380/LT320T overhaul manual included as well, as you say. Having a vanilla 1992 200Tdi I don't need this, so I've found the link for just the workshop manual without the aformentioned second book:


Think I'll go for that (watching one on eBay), I can always buy the second book detailed above if I find myself with a later vehicle at some point.

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