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Disco wheels


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Been thinking about some new wheels and tyres lately looking for a cheap set of modulers - not much luck and 8 spoke but not that hard yet <_<

Not worried about condition as I can get shot blasted and repainted .............. black of course

There seems to be alot of disco rims about but I think they don't have a very big offset unless you reverse them.................... question is whats involved in reversing them just a simple case of filling valve hole re-drilling the other side and re-countersinking stud holes the other side? :)

I mainly use my 90 for RTV trials will they be allowed in this class? if anybody knows I don't want to do this and find I can't compete! :o

Cheers for any replies


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You need to grind the welds holding the wheel centre to the rim, then knock the centre out, turn it round and weld it back in to the rim at the off set you choose. Obviously this is a long job and has to be done correctly to avoid wobbly wheels! As you say, the valve hole needs welding up and a new one drilled on the other side.

Don't quote me, but I am sure that the majority of 4x4 clubs would allow these wheels in RTV classes, providing you didn't infringe other rules, like wheels/tyres beyond the bodywork.



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Depedns on if you've ever done one before or not! First one I did took hours.......I can do them fairly quickly now but its incredibly time consuming and fiddly getting them true again!

Basically grind the welds out, beat the centres out, and reweld them on back to front with whatever offset you choose. Getting them true is fun though!!!


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Jon, I've often looked at Disco wheels & thought they had too much back spacing as standard, but for road use, the reversed ones were too much the other way. Is there scope to grind the centres out & reweld to gain just a bit less back spacing, ie to improve the turning circle without going too extreme & buggering up scrub radius & stuff like that for road use. I guess I'm trying to get an offset more like what I understand 8 spokes & modulars to have without going to the expense, Disco wheels are easy enough to come by at a much smaller price out here than 8 spokes, modulars are like rocking horse pooh. :lol::lol:

Sorry for the thread hijack, seemed like Steve question had been answered :)

Cheers, Steve (H)

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