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Additional Fuses


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Currently have 6 old style ceramic bullet fuses in a fusebox under the bonnet with no spare slots for auxilary items (cb, etc)

My thinking is to wire in a new box (probably another 6 slots) and locate it with the battery under the passenger seat on a separate feed.

Is this the most sensible way of doing things, my take is that it keeps the essential circuits and the auxilary separate which should make fault finding simpler and that as most of the additional items I am looking for will be within the cab it also makes for simpler wiring

Can anyone reccomend a good store for the bits as well please

Thanks in advance


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Good plan :)

Also Vehicle Wiring Products do some nice holders.

Unless you like the authentic original fuse holder I would consider changing the bullet style box and fuses too - in my experience they were always a PITA, regularly requiring twiddling and terminal bending to make decent contact...

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