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qualifications, insurance?

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i was just wondering if anyone knows what qualifications can be gained for off roading? any thing from winching to become an instructor. if so where are these courses avaliable? i live in scotland so the uk is easy to get about. also heading to new zealand if anyone knows of things out there.

also what insurance and liabilty issues comes with an off road centre in the uk.


cameron smith

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These two spring to mind.

As to insurance, are you thinking of running an off road centre? If so you will need public liability insurance to cover visitors to your site against injury to themselves or damage to their property which can be attributed to your negligence. You will find this expensive if you can find it at all. There are a couple of guys on this forum who run such enterprises and who may be able to offer advice.


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Borda - Recreational off roading only - Not HSE approved for commercial use

Lantra - Utitlity/Commercial and Recreational (HSE approved)

NPTC - Assessment of trained standard, very good and now HSE approved for Utility/Commercial*

LRE - marketing exercise and customer relations, not HSE approved, generally very poor overall instruction unless you own a new Land Rover and want to know how it works. Was once the best off road driver training in the world - those days are mourned by many

Other dodgy bits of paper - if they don't have the first three forget it **

Graham is a sound bloke and also a Lantra TSV

* I am so impressed by the new look NPTC I am adding this to my Instructor/Assesor base

** CIEH is about to start traing in this field and they will be HSE approved

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