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Encountering camber

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Did a little greenlaning the other day as a friend of mine lives out near Benington and said a LR owners club had gone down the lane at the end of his road the previous day.. always being up for it I said sure let's give it a go (especially as he said laners often use it so I assumed it couldn't be too bad).

Anyways for the most part it was great, but there was this one bit where it got narrow and a tree had grown close to the track and there was a lot of camber tipping the vehicle to the left, say 40 degrees? It's hard to judge but it felt a lot! So much so that my friend wussed out and leapt onto my side of the vehicle! Not being used to seemingly top-heavy vehicles and lots of camber it was a little hairy..

I plan to have a lot of practice next time I go to Devil's Pit to familiarise myself with what the vehicle can and can't do along a slope. I am reluctant to just "go for it" though because it is my mum's 110 and she often uses it when my sister has borrowed her car so I can't go tipping it over! Can anyone recommend some good reading or offer some advice about dealing with camber and what a 110 on standard suspension can cope with?

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I always find that the camber 'feels' a lot worse than it actually is!

In this pic I felt like I was at some mega angle and close to rolling, but when I changed positions to get a photo, it looked quite gay!! very poor. (I think at worse it was 25/30 degrees)


I try to avoid side slopes when I can as rocks and bumps on the uphill, and depressions on the downhill can suddenly alter the stability of the vehicle and ......away you go!!! :(

I gather the 'said angle' is aprox 45 degrees for un-lifted vehicles, but with the likes of suspension lifts, roofracks and bigger wheels, which increases the Centre of Gravity, this figure reduces slightly.

In short, keep well within the limits of your vehicle, and if you're out 'testing' then be prepared to quickly turn down hill as you start lift the uphill wheels!!!! :o

(best buy a roll cage first).

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