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Strange charge light behavior


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The charge light on my 110 is doing strange things and I wondered if anybody could shed any light (ha, ha) on it?

When I start it from cold it works as expected, although I have to blip the throttle slightly to make it go out. Once it's warmed up, it glows very faintly - so faintly that it's only really visible at night. The strange thing is though, it only glows when there's no electrical load. As soon as I turn on something such as the side lights, the heater fan, or even put my foot on the brake, it goes out again.

I'm not sure that it's desperately relevant, but the engine is an Iveco 2.5TD. It just means that if I do need an alternator then I'm going to have to go hunting for one :rolleyes:

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I had an A127 go like that on the RRC. Lasted for ages until it finally went at which time the charge light was bright all the time.

Not sure which part of it was faulty as an exchange recon with 12mths warranty only cost me £30 so not worth my time messing about.

If you have a reconditioner near you it may be easier to get it rebuilt when it dies.

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Had a similiar problem on my 300tdi 90 a few weeks ago......it was fine one minute, and the next, the charge light was faintly lit, and would not go out. As luck would have it, I was driving past my local garage on the way home, and I quizzed him, and he siad it was 100% the Alternator on its way out. Did the job right there & then for me, £90 all in, and it was sorted. He did fit a 120mA unit (I think) and I swear my dash lights are brighter & the heater warms up quicker now!!

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I have had it glow faintly on my old peugeot for a while. I did fix it by replacing the brushes. When they wear out they just touch the commutator lightly, causing a bad connection which was the problem. It took an age to get the brushes though, because nobody wasts time anymore taking alternators apart to save a few pounds. I was obviously in financial disaster zone at the time...

Do the bearings at the same time and your alternator is mint for years again


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